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Our Staff


Ryan Rhodes, Co-Founder

Ryan began mentoring young people, many of whom saw surrendering to abstinence from drugs and alcohol an impossible task. Although this was not his experience, Ryan became aware of the gaps and inconsistencies in the quality of treatment, especially where his generation, the Millennials, are concerned.

Brian Weiner, CEO/Co-Founder

Brian has spent nearly two decades creating successful investment and financial management solutions for multi-national corporations and family offices. When Brian began working with Ryan, he became familiar with the terrible epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse. 


Carol Bishop, LMFT, Clinical Director

Carol has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) for over 30 years. She was the Coordinator of the Mental Health Department of Tarzana Treatment Center for 10 years prior to joining Manifest.

Chris Causey, Clinical Architect

Chris worked as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) for 8 years, which allows him expertise in facilitating specialized SLA and COSA groups. 

Jennifer Salierno, MFTi, Primary Therapist

Jennifer graduated from Pepperdine University in 2015 with a masters in Clinical Psychology and an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Heather DaVault, MFTi, Primary Therapist

Heather graduated from Pacific Oaks College in 2010 with a Masters in Marital Family Therapy. Heather is curious about the human experience and the struggles one endures throughout their lifespan.

Jimmy Doyle, Chemical Dependency Counselor

Jimmy Doyle, CATC has worked in all aspects of treatment, including Detoxification, Residential, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient facilities.

Virginia Borowiec, Certified Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor

Virginia Borowiec moved to Los Angeles in 2003 after studying abroad at Oxford University in London, England.  After tackling her own personal challenges with addiction in 2005, she pursued a career in professional event planning and production.


Dr. Lisa Benya, MD, Medical Director

Jonathan Austin, Director of Operations

Since 2004, Jonathan Austin has been a part of the Los Angeles drug and alcohol treatment community.

Natanya Ross, Director of Marketing and Outreach

Natanya has been working in the field of addiction treatment for over eight years. Through her kindness and warmth, she has the ability to connect with clients and their families on a level where they can relate to her story and feel safe.

Karli Feder, Admissions and Marketing

Karli’s diverse interests and skills have led her to a broad role at Manifest. She is responsible for a myriad of tasks in both Admissions and Marketing, but her main goal is to make Manifest run as efficiently as possible.

Gina Taylor, LVN, Director of Nursing

Gina Taylor has almost 20 years of experience working as a Licensed Nurse.  Gina’s goal is to keep clients feeling safe, and confident in their individual detox process. 


Callie West, Alumni Coordinator and Client Advocate

Callie West moved to California in 2013. She has worked in treatment since 2016. She is currently the Lead Client Advocate/Alumni Coordinator at Manifest. 


David Campbell, Client Advocate

A former professional, and one-time World Champion athlete, David hurt his back in competition and subsequently developed an addiction to his prescribed pain medication.

Holly Besse, Client Advocate

Holly has been working in treatment since 2015 and has truly found a home at Manifest. Holly enjoys helping others and supporting them as they grow in their recovery. 

Alec Davis, Client Advocate

Alec has been working in treatment for four years and has been part of the Manifest team since May. For Alec, Manifest is not only a terrific place for treatment, but a place of love, family, and unconditional kindness. He enjoys helping others to become motivated to get their lives back on track and recover!

Mitch Ellis, Chef

“If you throw a lamb chop into a hot oven, what’s gonna keep it from gettin’ done?” -C.B. Luce

Mando Minchaca, Client Advocate

Mando Minchaca, RADT has worked in Detoxification and Residential facilities since 2010.