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Our Belief

We promote the establishment, successful management and growth of high quality sober living homes and other community-based recovery services. Our larger mission is to promote individual recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and in that respect we serve the community at large.


Manifest Recovery empowers you to regain control of your life, offering you the support and tools you need to stay accountable to yourself, your family and your community. We specialize in treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and in extending our services and care well beyond your treatment period. Our unique long-term engagement program is designed to help you rise above the pain and trauma that plagues you, to reinvent yourself and to build a fulfilling life.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can help. From skilled detoxification to sober mentoring and job training, Manifest is here to transition you through the pain of addiction to a healthy, joyful and honest life. Our medical staff is among the most highly skilled and dedicated individuals in the field. And our program combines active living with trauma and addiction recovery in a supportive setting that encourages and celebrates your recovery, your self-discovery and your life.

You deserve to live fully. We can help. Please contact us today.

Let us show you the freedom that exists in sobriety.

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