By Gina Rhodes

As parents, we simply cannot manage the chaos in our addicted loved one’s life. Our instinct to make things better for him or her is a good one, but in the face of addiction it becomes counterproductive.

When you put yourself in charge of your loved one’s addiction, it only gives them the time and opportunity to continue their destructive way of life. You are so busy “fixing” everything, your loved one doesn’t have to do anything. You’re already doing it for them. You need to learn to stay close, but out of the chaos. Only then will the addict take control.

As parents, we think it’s our job to fix our children’s problems. With addiction, most of what I thought I knew wasn’t right or didn’t work. I finally learned that I had to get out of the way of my son’s consequences. He was in charge of his own recovery…not me. This is probably the most difficult part for a parent when dealing with the loved one’s addiction.

Always remember, people break the chains of addiction every day and we need to celebrate their triumphs. It takes tremendous courage for an addicted person to change his or her life. You need to stand together with encouragement and hope.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem!

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