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Rhodes To Recovery

Ryan Rhodes was a born entrepreneur. Unfortunately, trauma and loss as a child – compounded by toxic influences at too young an age – corrupted his entrepreneurial spirit and led him to a life of drug abuse.

When Ryan’s lifestyle finally caught up with him, he was forced to face the truth about his choices. What follows is Ryan’s journey from darkness to light. As the co-founder of Manifest Recovery Centers, Ryan now uses his business acumen to lift others up.

“The name Manifest is an acknowledgement that we are all capable of manifesting anything we want – spiritual wellness, moral corruptness. It’s in our power to decide how we live,” Ryan said. “To be part of someone else’s journey… there is no business in the world where you’re able to help people create lives of substance in such a powerful way.”

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Families Healing Hearts

Gina Rhodes is Ryan Rhode’s mother. She shares her powerful family experiences as the mother of an addict: how she found help and support, the strength to forgive and most of all, how to heal broken hearts.

“I am so grateful to share my personal journey on my path to recovery. I pray that by speaking out and sharing my story, I will help other families who have loved ones that suffer from the disease of addiction.”

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